Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mount Hope Cemetery
305 Erskine Ave, Toronto, ON

Since 1900 Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery has been a hidden gem in the heart of the city.  Driving through the back street on Erskine Avenue, filled with large family homes, my impression was one word "WOW".  I couldn't wait to park the car.  HUGE monuments standing tall up in the blue sky background surrounding a even larger stone cross that is stories tall.  I looked to the left, then to the right, then straight ahead.  I didn't know were to start taking photos.  Filled with Lots of angel, religious statues side by side and row by row.  I like the variety this cemetery has.  There are monuments, crypts, angel statues, children's section dating far back in the years.  There is lots to see here and you could spend hours looking around.  I would suggest you carry a large gig of SD memory if you are planning on taking any pictures.  Mount Hope Cemetery is a great place to explore throughout all seasons.  If you are going in Winter season, I would recommend winter boots as the snow is pretty deep and there are some hills and dips. ( I wore regular shoes, and the snow was deep and had a layer of ice on top of the snow causing scratches into my legs, snow filled shoes I had to stop every so often to get the snow out.)

I will add more photos soon.....

Prospect Cemetery
1450 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto Ontario Canada

Beautiful, large cemetery stretching from Eglinton Avenue to St. Clair West. Opened in 1890.  I have been taking many photo's within Prospect, and find this cemetery to be my favorite within Toronto.  Yes there are many others in Toronto that are more famous, but this is the one I personally like to photograph.  There is many differences within this cemetery such as the children sections, veterans sections, new and old sections.  The landscape is well kept and very beautiful in all seasons.  Filled with many cherubs, flowers, and other memorial items.  The property also has " lights of the Madonna" memorial, and large court and garden mausoleum, glass-fronted and marble-fronted niches in the "Hall of Niches", and the "Mausoleum of sacred souls".

This cemetery is a gem within Toronto Ontario Canada.

"Lights of the Madonna" statue